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Legioblock are heavy weight interlocking concrete blocks. Easy to adjust, move or expand. The blocks are very strong, fire-resistant, bullet proof  and can be build up to a height of 8.8 meters. The maximum height of the construction depends on the maximum reach of the crane.

Legioblock have short delivery lead times. The blocks can be stacked and placed directly from the truck. This allows the possibility to have a wall structure in only a matter of hours. After finishing the structure, the walls can be used immediately. That the blocks can be removed and relocated makes them ideal for both permanent and temporary applications.

legioblock fire-resistant

Legioblock are the optimal solution for a rapid and a flexible construction. The blocks are easily stacked and placed, without the need of cement or any other bonding agent. This allows complete freedom to modify or expand the blocks at any time and any place.

Legioblock are fire resistant for up to 4 hours of exposure. The temperature rise on the non-exposed side of the concrete wall is so low that the fire propagation through heat transfer is nonexistent. Even in persistent fires that lasted for several days Legioblock walls retained their integrity and prevented the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings.

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Legioblock are the ideal solution for the construction of storage bays, retaining walls, bunkers, partition walls, fire resistant walls, factory halls, industrial work spaces, traffic safety & guidance, waste separation areas, (temporary) road blocks,  and many more. And with a special sealant it is even effectively holding water mass from rivers and sea, making it an ideal solution against flooding and for creating boat docks, in and outlet points for boats, etc. Thanks to its durability and flexibility, these blocks offer a highly cost-effective solution.

Legioblock Storage bays
legioblock Factory hall

TBP Thai Block & Plate offers a complete service package including design, calculations, transport, an expert construction and even a roofing structure. This way you only have one point of contact for the realization of your entire project. Simplifying and speeding up communication and preventing errors that might occur while working with multiple contractors…

Product specifications:


Lenght:  Width:  Height:  Weight:
160 cm 80 cm 40 cm 1200 kg
80 cm 80 cm 40 cm 600 kg


A ‘normal’ wall is about 12 cm thick, a LegioBlock wall is 80 cm thick (front to back).

Example: if you build a 2m high wall, the ‘normal’ brick wall will cost 3500 baht per meter (2m high). The LegioBlock wall will cost 7000 baht per meter (2m high). So while the LegioBlock wall is 6,5x THICKER, you only pay 2x THE PRICE of a ‘normal’ wall. And the LegioBlock wall is also 20x STRONGER than a ‘normal’ wall.



See how easy and fast the blocks can be moved and built into a wall with the use of a normal forklift and our block clamp:


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