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Legioplate are heavy weight interlocking concrete plates. Each plate has a safe working load of 20 ton. The unique design of the Legioplate comes from Europe where they have been used successfully and widely since 1937.

Legioplate are the optimal solution for a rapid and a flexible construction. The plates are easily placed, without the need of cement or any other bonding agent. This allows complete freedom to modify or expand the covered size at any time and any place. Ideal for both permanent and temporary applications because they can be removed and relocated at will.

Legioplate have short lead times. The plates can be placed directly from the delivery trucks. This allows you the possibility to have a floor structure in only a matter of hours. After ground preparation the plates can be used immediately. This ultimate flexibility and durability offers a high cost-effective solution.

Legioplate are the ideal solution for the construction of factory floors, parking lots, private and farm roads, market places, temporary building access roads, cycling paths, port facilities, road repair, large-scale stock storage (both inside and outside), waste separation areas, heavy trucking loading and unloading facilities, gas stations, container terminals and much more.

Legioplate Cycling path

legioplate Secondary road

TBP Thai Block & Plate offers a complete service package including design, calculations, transport and an expert installation. This way you have only one point of contact for the realization of your entire project.

Product specifications:

Size:  1995 x 1995 mm
Weight:  1360 kg
Thickness:  140 mm
Axle loads:  200 kN ( 20 ton )
Lift capacity:  5 ton


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