Start manufacturing and selling your OWN Legio Blocks & Plates and produce in-house.

Finally!  NEW concrete products for YOU to sell.

After 40 years of proven quality in Europe, now available in Thailand.

Giving YOUR COMPANY more revenue, expanded sales volume and HIGHER PROFIT.


A total package deal for you to produce these new products in-house and sell to your existing and NEW clients.

Within your core business of concrete, so you already have the expertise, knowledge and experience.


Offer NEW CONCRETE SOLUTIONS to your customers, start today!

Get the complete manufacturing guide, molds, tools & equipment, technical procedures and instruction seminars for your staff.

Ask for details through our contact page.

We can deliver a total package for making your own Legio Blocks & Plates. It contains many steel molds, all handling equipment. Of course we will give you detailed instructions on the whole process and teach your staff how to work and where to take extra precautions to maintain a high standard and quality level.

Please feel free to contact us for detailed information and quotation, contact page.

P.S. To uphold high quality standards we only supply to professional companies with proven attainment.